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Please copy into your Word Processor program, fill out completely and return with your payment.

Opt-In Form


Package #1: 50,000 opt-in targeted e -mails $299


Package #2: 100,000 opt-in targeted e -mails $425


Package #3: 500,000 opt-in targeted e -mails $525


Package #4: 1,000,000 opt-in targeted e -mails $750


Select Advertising Package:___________________________________________________________


You can pay by money order, personal check, cashiers check payable to Access Communications


Client Name:_________________________________________________________________________


Address #1: ____________________________________________________________________________


City: _________________________________  State: _________________  Zip Code: _____________


Phone: ____________________________________  Phone #2: _______________________________


E-Mail: _____________________________________________ Date: ___________________________


Signature: _______________________________________________________________________________


                                                                    Service Agreement


This Agreement is entered into this____________ day of ______________________________, 2022, by and between_______________________________, a (check one)  [  ] individual, [  ] Corporation, [  ] Partnership,hereinafter known as the “Client” and Access Communications, Service Bureau for , Client hereinafter known as “Access Communications”, a firm created under California law. Access Communications provides website access and multimedia advertising. Client elects to contract all provisions offered by Access Communications. . If Client’s website does not generate at least the minimum advertising package fee in any given one-month period, Client shall not be responsible to make up the difference. There are no penalties or fees if this occurs with no further responsibility from Client. 75% of the net profits will be distributed to Client after the website earns over selected advertising package price in each one-month period. Client will be provided 24-hour access to Access Communications customer service by telephone and email to retrieve revenue reports.



Signature Of Client ___________________________________________________________                                       



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