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Grab Attention and Hold Onto It

Question: Do I need expensive equipment to update and maintain?
Answer: No, with you'll never need equipment or have to maintain the website yourself. Our state of the art computer switching system assures that the highest amount of Internet traffic flows through at the same time, ensuring the highest profit margin possible.

Question: When and how do I get paid? What kind of reporting do you offer, and how do I keep track of my profits?
Answer: Payment is made on a 30-day pay cycle by check. You can also elect to have profits deposited directly into your bank account after your website has been operational for 90 days. As an Access Communications CBD Website advertiser, you will be able to keep track of every click thru to your site with a personal access code we assign to you with your order. Keeping track of your clicks and traffic  with our automated  tracking system is very simple. Our system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can monitor your clicks and earnings. A monthly statement will be included with each check which gives you a complete breakdown of your websites activity.

Question: What forms of payment do you accept to purchase my Access Communications CBD Website?
Answer: We accept personal checks, money orders, cashiers checks and credit card checks issued from your credit card company. We can also process all major credit and debit cards on our web-site through Paypal:

Question: How can I contact Access Communications?
Answer: We can be reached by phone at 1(877) 725-0556, Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm or by e-mail at:
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